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Top 4 Reasons Our English Courses Are Your Best Option

We are fully aware that people in need of English courses for themselves or for their children have plenty of options in Glasgow. Nonetheless, it is believed that our learning academy is superior to every other institution in the local area. We take what we do very seriously, knowing that what students learn with us will influence the rest of their lives.

We offer English classes to both native and non-native speakers and are especially proud of our ESOL (English for speakers of other languages) programme that makes learning English both rewarding and fun. It is our firm belief that anyone can learn basic English skills for effective communication. Most people can master the language with enough instruction.

If you are looking for English courses, here are the top four reasons we believe our courses are your best option:

English Courses: 1. Manual, Paper-Based Instruction

Technology is certainly a good thing that can be used to educational advantage. However, it is our belief that manual instruction is better for English. Students learn English vocabulary, writing, spelling, and grammar through paper-based instruction model  . This approach works well for most students – even those with established learning difficulties.

The paper-based approach forces students to engage themselves both physically and mentally during the learning process. This creates a connection that drives home the points learned in a way that technology cannot. For example, actually writing out words on a piece of paper teaches in a way that ingrains proper spelling in the mind of the student.

English Courses: 2. One-On-One Instruction

No two students are alike, especially when it comes to English for kids. As such, we treat every student as an individual and offer one-on-one instruction so that each student gets the specific attention he or she needs. It has been our experience that this is critical to ensuring the success of English instruction.

English Courses: 3. We Address What’s Lacking

Some English instructors follow a set curriculum or methodology that does not account for what individual students might be lacking. This one-size-fits-all approach assumes that all students are on the same level even though they may not be. This is not our way of working. Each student gets assessed to determine his or her skills. We then set an appropriate level and begin addressing the things a student is lacking.

English Courses: 4. We Seek Genuine Improvement

Identifying what a student lacks would not be very useful if we did not strive to see improvement. Well, no worries. Seeking genuine improvement is one of our main priorities. We don’t get  satisfied with simply maintaining the current level of English skills a student possesses. We strive to help that student continuing improving.

An added benefit of this practice is that students gain a greater desire to improve the more they do so. That gets them excited about learning even more. In essence, continual improvement is an extraordinarily strong motivator. The more a student improves his or her English skills, the more motivation there is to learn.

We Are English Tuition Specialists

You may have multiple options in selecting English classes for yourself or your children. Why not seek out the best possible opportunity you can find? There is no harm in doing so. We also believe that our English courses are your best option in Glasgow.

Our English tuition specializes and is committed to making sure each and every student masters the language under our tutelage. We offer English for kids of all ages. Our classes are simultaneously fun and conducive to effective learning. Contact us to learn more.

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English Courses in Northumberland | English Courses in Norfolk | English Courses in Nottinghamshire