Abacus Finger Theory

Incredible Finger Theory

Learning mathematics with the help of abacus can work wonders and can be an enjoyable experience for the child. The best part about this theory is that children are able to calculate with digits up to 99 just by using certain special finger combinations. Thus, finger abacus theory is a great way of inculcating basic computation and mental arithmetic skills in young children.

Once children have a good understanding of how an abacus works, getting a stronghold on abacus finger counting can be supereasy. Learning hand abacus or finger maths can be especially beneficial for students. Finger maths helps children to perform quick calculations in shorter periods of time. It is a sworn technique which the Abacus trainers use.

Abacus Finger Theory: Finger significance

Many wonder about the significance or purpose of thumb or index finger is abacus. Understanding the finger significance in learning finger maths can provide clarity to the children. There are certain simple steps involved in the process which can be clearly understood from the below steps:

  • A closed fist on a flat surface represents zero (0)in front of the child.
  • All other fingers other than the thumb represent 1 individually.
  • Thus, while placing the closed fist on a flat surface and extending one finger represents 1, two finger math extension means 2.
  • Extending and pressing down the ring finger and the pinky finger of the right hand represents 3 and 4 respectively.
  • The thumb of the right hand represents number 5.
  • The thumb of the right hand along with the index finger of the same hand signifies 6, the thumb and middle finger 7 and so on.
  • Fingers of the left hand have other higher significance wherein:
    • The index finger means 10,
    • The middle finger 20,
    • The ring finger 30,
    • The pinky finger 40 and
    • The thumb signifies 50.


Students when learning abacus on fingers also learn the abacus combination formula. The abacus combination formula is a unique technique that accelerates calculation processes. Finger math abacus teaches you the best techniques available. You can contact us if you’re wondering how to learn abacus finger counting.

Calculating up to 99

This can be easily done once the child becomes thorough with the significance and the digit representations of the fingers. After this, using the following steps, the child is able to calculate till 99. If you’re wondering how does an abacus work with fingers, here are the steps:

  • With the index finger of the left hand raised, if a child raises the index finger of the right hand, he indicates 11; the index finger of the left hand along with the index and the middle finger of the right hand indicates 12, etc. This enables a child to count
  • After this, the right-hand fingers and the thumb needs to be lifted. Extending and pressing the left-hand fingers help a child count till 20.
  • In the same way, he is able to count till 30, then 40 and so on till he reaches the count of 99.

Simple, Easy & Entertaining

This finger abacus method is very simple and easy to use and with the help of proper guidance and practice the children can become experts in calculating complex sums in a matter os seconds. In Abacus theory, the Abacus Finger Theory is thus able to achieve a singular goal of incorporating the basics of mathematics in a child, but in a very interesting, playful and exciting manner. The abacus finger counting is entertaining and quite easy to learn. This is why experts swear by the finger maths abacus method.

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