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It is common for parents to find their child struggling with mathematics. It can be a challenge for both parents and the teachers to teach the concepts of the subject to the child. Even when they are able to learn some concepts today, they seem to forget them completely the next day. Using Abacus has been found to be beneficial in improving Maths skills, both in studies and in general life.

Improving Maths Skills: What is Abacus?

Abacus is an ancient mathematical tool that focuses on calculations. It finds its origins among the merchants from African and Asian countries. Its history dates back to 300 BC in the ancient civilizations spread across both Asia and Africa. According to the studies, using this device can significantly improve a student or child’s mathematical skills.

Research Findings

According to research studies conducted at Harvard, the fact that comes out is that the students using the device have increased learning abilities compared to those using conventional approaches. According to another study at the University of California San Diego, Abacus training has a significant impact on math skills. Its benefits last for decades.This study focused on early math education and the long-term benefits. They have found the students with higher scores recorded in the subject even in their later lives.

Improving Maths Skills: Why Abacus Works for Math Skills?

Abacus is simple to use for anyone, yet it has been found to induce long-lasting benefits in students. It helps improve memory by focusing on visualization. According to research there are compelling data that shows that visual spatial working memory has a strong relation to mathematical performance.

According to another 2013 study, the most effective learning takes place when we use different areas of the brain. This works in the following ways:

  • When a student uses symptoms they use a specific area of the brain.
  • When they work with visual or spatial information, they use the different area of the brain.

This causes communication between the two different areas of the brain. And it results in optimal mathematics performance and learning. According to the study, Abacus works this way.

Abacus uses beads that give a visual presentation when solving problems. The brain forms additional synapses with hand movements. This causes more communication and connection between different areas of the brain, resulting in enhanced  levels  of learning. Besides improving operational memory, Abacus also adds a fun-factor to learning Math. This further enhances the overall learning process, giving the student a stronger reason to learn.

Improved Calculation Skills

Students often treat calculation as a task. However, once a child learns Abacus, the calculation becomes easy for them. It improves their calculation skills and speeds up their abilities.

Thus, there are many studies proving the benefits of using an Abacus for improving Maths skills. The Abacus program focusses on enhancing the brain power. So the benefits are not just limited to improved arithmetic skills. Your child will be able to develop skills that benefit them in other subjects as well.


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