What is Scottish ‘Maths Wi Nae Borders’?

This competition is inspired by the annual “Mathématiques sans Frontières” contest which is open to students in S4/S5 and is called ‘Maths Wi Nae Borders’ to give a Scottish twist on the French name. Scotland’s Maths wi Nae Borders – Abacus Supermaths – Scottish Maths Week.

Anyone can access and take part in ‘Maths wi Nae Borders’, any class and any age group in Scotland. Maths week starts on the 11th of September and ends on the 17th.

“Maths The competition has five tasks which should be completed in less than two hours. Partial solutions and attempts can also gain marks. The questions that are being asked are quite difficult, it is said neat and careful work is important. You can download the Brochure here – Maths Wi Nae Borders (contains extra information and all five questions).

Once the questions have been completed to the best of your ability. Send in your final version to [email protected] or Maths Week Scotland, Curriculum Unit, Area 2B-South, Victoria Quay, Edinburgh, EH6 6QQ. The deadline for this challenge must be no later than Friday 22nd September 2017. After submitting your answers then all participating teams will receive a certificate. The winning team will receive a trophy and there will also be prizes for individual team members and the school’s Maths Department.

What BYITC and Super Maths are doing for Scottish Maths week

The British Youth IT College alongside with Supermaths is doing great work in teaching children about Abacus mathematics. Abacus maths was a technique used by great minds before a calculator was invented… It was the calculator. It’s a technique where children will use an Abacus device to work out difficult calculations in their head, as a result this method is amazing for mental mathematics.

Supermaths associated with BYITC is the only institution in Glasgow, Scotland that teaches this technique to children to the level that they do. You can click here to find out more about Supermaths’ bespoke Abacus Maths classes.

Because of the awareness raised by Maths week, a free trial assessment class for children new to Abacus is available. More details can be gained from the links provided or you could contact us using the forms provided on our website.

More information about how using this Abacus technique will improve your child’s mindset and how their brain will develop after learning mental and finger theory is available here.

Making Maths Count

The great people from our government are running this competition and have dedicated a blog website to this week long event. There are a lot of things going on Scotland-wide. Furthermore, Most of the Scottish schools are already taking part and the rest are encouraged to take part. All of Scotlands maths week’s schedule is available here.

Maths wi Nae Borders – Abacus Supermaths – Scottish Maths Week; will be a thing to remember and hopefully continue for generations to come.

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