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In the rapidly evolving landscape of education, one field that has witnessed a remarkable transformation is abacus learning. Gone are the days when completing abacus levels was a lengthy endeavour spanning multiple years. With the advent of digitalization, a new era of efficient and accelerated learning has dawned, making level completion in abacus classes online along with abacus skills a breeze.

Abacus Maths Learning

Enter the Digital Age of Abacus Learning:

Thanks to our cutting-edge, fully digitalized, game-based application, the once intricate and time-consuming process of abacus level completions has been revolutionized. Traditional learning methods often demanded a considerable time investment, with level completions averaging around 6-7 years. However, with the integration of digital tools and techniques, this timeline has been dramatically condensed to approximately 1 year.

Structured Curriculum for Swift Progress:

The cornerstone of our success lies in our meticulously designed curriculum. Our structured approach in Abacus classes online ensures that children not only grasp the fundamentals of abacus but also engage in purposeful practice, resulting in faster level completions. Through an intuitive progression of concepts and skills, learners are empowered to navigate through the levels swiftly, ultimately achieving what was once considered a monumental feat in just a fraction of the time.

From Years to Months: A Remarkable Achievement:

The transformation is astounding – what previously took several years to accomplish can now be achieved within a mere year. On average, children are completing abacus levels in a fraction of the time compared to traditional methods. This monumental achievement highlights the effectiveness and efficiency of digitalized abacus tutors.

Learning Unbound: Anytime, Anywhere Access:

Digitalization has shattered the constraints of time and place. The traditional classroom setting has expanded to include practically any location with internet access. With our digital platform, children have the freedom to learn and practice from the comfort of their homes or any other setting of their choice. This unparalleled accessibility has opened doors to a new era of flexible and personalized learning.

Gamification: Making Learning Fun and Engaging:

Incorporating a gamified approach to abacus learning has proved to be a game-changer. By infusing elements of play into the learning experience, children’s interest is piqued, and the monotony often associated with traditional learning methods is eliminated. The result? Increased engagement, enhanced retention, and a renewed passion for learning the abacus.

Exceptional Course Completion Rates:

The impact of digitalization is further underscored by our remarkable course completion rates. With an average completion rate ranging from 97% to a perfect 100%, it is evident that our digitalized abacus learning platform has not only accelerated the learning process but has also nurtured a high level of commitment and dedication among learners.

The era of faster abacus level completions is here, courtesy of digitalization, smart learning process and skilled Abacus tutors. Our game-changing approach, coupled with a structured curriculum and engaging gamification, has reshaped the maths learning landscape. As the children’s complete levels that would have taken years in a matter of months, the transformation is an evidence to the power of technology in education. With digitalization as the catalyst, abacus learning has transitioned from a traditional practice to a dynamic and accessible endeavour, setting new standards for efficiency and achievement.

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