Abacus training program

The Abacus is one of the oldest techniques for mastering maths and promoting brain development. Young students who practice the Abacus for maths tend to perform better at school and experience cognitive improvements. Enrolling your school-going child in an Abacus class can have lifelong benefits for their personal and professional growth. Let’s break down everything you need to know about why abacus training program is essential for school-age children.

Abacus Training Program

1. Abacus Boosts Brain Development

Recent research has established the value of the Abacus method for boosting cognitive function in school-age children. For example, a study by Dr James Stigler from the University of Chicago has shown that students who practise the Abacus regularly have 200% better memory than their peers who do not. Learning Abacus for maths can stimulate both sides of the brain and lead to holistic brain development in children. Students can improve their numerical memory, calculation speed, problem-solving skills, and critical thinking abilities by mastering the Abacus tool.

2. Acing the Abacus Builds Confidence Among Learners

Students who regularly practise the Abacus or (game-based Abacus) tool learn to solve complex mathematical problems much faster than their peers. As a result, they develop confidence in their cognitive abilities. When children manage to solve complicated sums on their own, they feel a sense of accomplishment. This enhances their sense of self-efficacy and makes them more confident about handling challenging tasks.

3. Abacus Helps Improve Analytical Skills

Learning the Abacus method enables children to study numbers and identify patterns and relationships between them. This practice contributes to the improvement of their analytical skills. They become adept at synthesising information to find meaningful connections. As a result, they can analyse problems in depth and develop well-thought-out solutions.

4. Abacus Allows Children to Master Mental Arithmetic

The abacus is an excellent tool for mastering arithmetic concepts. Practising it regularly can make it easier for students to make rapid calculations and solve arithmetic problems without using pen and paper. Quick calculations and mental arithmetic can help them improve their scores in school and set them up for lifelong success in a variety of settings. In addition, abacus-based mental calculations (AMC) have been found to boost other aspects of cognitive performance. For example, a study in 2021 assessed 65 students to assess the impact of AMC. The study found that learning Abacus for just eight weeks boosted memory, concentration, creativity, and perceptive attitudes among these children.

5. Abacus Makes Mathematics Enjoyable for Children

Many children around the world struggle with maths because they fear the subject. This ancient tool helps them engage with numbers and grasp the concepts without taking unnecessary stress. Abacus training program an excellent learning aid for school-going children during their foundational years.

If you want your child to benefit from these incredible benefits, you should enrol them in an Abacus class. Check out the details for Abacus classes from the British Youth International College to learn more about these exciting courses!

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