When kids complete level 1 that means they finish all the +5 and -5 combinations, and before going to level 2 we always make sure by various checks that kids are ready to move to the next level of Abacus Maths i.e. our experience and last few weeks performance before that level finishes. If a child is not ready to move into the next level, we then give a few more weeks of practice at the same level depending upon our assessment. There are many different levels of Abacus Maths and we ensure each child is taught at a level and pace they’re comfortable with.

Similarly, in level 2 they will finish +10 combinations and in level 3 they will complete -10 combinations. After that they will be ready to answer any random sum quicker other their sheet and obviously faster than the calculator.

The practice sheet is a hidden test for kids every week which is another criterion for us to check kids progress. We do not call it a test as we call it a Practice sheet, so kids do not get scared.

We do certain checks in every class that the kids are learning the combinations and the technique correctly or not. If the kids are struggling with any of the combinations, then Dr Rashmi Mantri has a word with the child and tries to explain the best practices to remember the combination the child is struggling with. Dr Mantri has also made few videos for kids to remember the tips and techniques to understand abacus better. All those videos are emailed to the parents at an earlier date.

In our classes, kids do mentoring to other kids as Abacus is a technique and kids need a lot of practice on the big Abacus tool, finger theory and mental theory. Sometimes kids read out the numbers for other kids when they practice on the big abacus and on fingers. This helps every child in class to develop a sense of responsibility and overall development, however, the entire process is always looked after by the principle teacher and other staff members.

We have developed an app to practice with the mental theory once children start doing the mental theory.

We also have a standardisation meeting every week with the staff so that all staff can learn and use the same techniques.

Education is our passion and we will make sure to give your kids the right feedback at right time and help kids with various methods and techniques as much as possible. However, kids are the main people to practice everyday as in Abacus nothing could be achieved without everyday practice.

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