Learning English for a Global Community.

Having a firm grasp of the English language is critical to advancing in life and career locally or globally. English is one of the worlds most used languages in business and culture and is a key factor for success in the 21st century. This is why we offer the chance to learn English online or in the classroom.

Learning in Glasgow or Edinburgh

At Supermaths being able to provide English classes in Glasgow and Edinburgh is something we’ve been working on for a long time. It’s because we understand how vital learning English is for an individuals development. Which makes us excited to get back to teaching. This can be in the classroom with teachers or at home using our online courses.

Combined Education

Education is one of the most important things in a person’s toolset and at the heart of that education is good language skills. Regardless of whether English is your child’s first or second language we have the courses that will reinforce and enhance what your child is already learning at school. With a combination of Supermaths and School then your child will be set up for a very bright future.

Classroom Learning

Above all of the obvious benefits of our classes, your child will be introduced to new methods of teaching and interaction. Supermaths classes are not a solo affair with other children attending regularly scheduled, conveniently timed classes learning at the same time as your child. This means they will learn to write more fluidly, communicate more effectively and speak more succinctly.

Online Learning

Those who choose to take the online English classes will not miss out. We understand the difficulties that can prop up in life and don’t want to punish anyone as a result of not attending the classes. Everyone undertakes the exact same coursework with the curriculum published as a PDF or Word to each individual’s needs. The only difference is that the internet act as in intermediary.


When enrolled, each new student takes a 12 question assessment that helps us understand their current skill set and knowledge. Once we understand where your child is, we will assign them a level that complements their existing skills.

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