Benefits of the Abacus Method

In a previous blog, that you can read by clicking here, we stated that there is research validating the abacus method for learning mathematics. One such study by researchers from the University of California, Stanford University, Skidmore College and Harvard Univesity have confirmed that that abacus method accomplishes at least 2 things. Read More about benefits of abacus. 

  • It significantly boosts maths skills by teaching the student to visualise calculations rather than memorising them which is less effective.
  • The abacus method has long-lasting effects on an individuals thought process.

A study carried out by Shinshu University in Japan offers similar evidence. It detailed a number of benefits of the abacus method that includes the following:-

Numerical Memory

Learning to do maths on an abacus makes it easier for students to memorise rather long numbers. The study demonstrated that nine-digit memorisation was fairly easy for students

Problem-Solving Skills

The abacus method improves problem-solving skills, both in maths and other areas of life. The method teaches children to think through problems logically.

Rapid Calculations

Learning maths with the abacus method equips a student to do rapid calculations without the need for electronic devices or writing instruments. All calculations are performed in the head by visualising the abacus.

Critical Thinking

The skills learned in the abacus method make students better at critical thinking in other areas of life. They are better able to conceptualise all sorts of challenges. They think through solutions and reach conclusions more easily.

Our Experience

Supermaths own opinion is that the abacus does a number of other things on top of what has been found above. First of all, it is one of the most effective ways of building student confidence in education. Children that achieve success with maths tend to have more confidence in other areas of study. Furthermore, the better a student does in school, the more that established confidence carries over to outside of the classroom.

Here at Supermaths, we’re incredibly excited to start offering Abacus classes to students in Glasgow and around the world. If you’re in search of a math course that will teach your child the fundamentals of maths, brain development, confidence building and problem-solving skills then this is the course your child needs.  


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