There is a new blog spot dedicated to children of ages 8-13. Kids Corner – Build a Blog – Made for Kids looked after by Kids. Children can design and write blogs with their parents, to tell others about what they have learned at the classes and clubs they attend. Also to inform others of what they have achieved overall throughout their life.

A blog is a fun and interactive way to express yourself. The kids will enjoy as it informs others about what a day in the life of you looks like. Also, this is a good way to allow others to see, your achievements and receive praise you for how well you have done.

Why Kids Corner – Build a Blog – Made for Kids looked after by Kids

We encourage everyone to speak their minds, our objective for this blog is to support and motivate children of all ages to write more. Since this is blogging, children will be able to add pictures, add videos and sounds to what ever they create. Also, as a parent, you will get an insight into what your children are like. Parents should sit with their children when they create their first blog post.

How to post a blog:

Ways to WriteWhat to Write about
  • Be a Lone Wolf.
  • Write with your Parents.
  • Collaborate with your Friends.
  • Memorable Events
    • Holidays
    • Birthdays
    • Days out
    • First Day at Big School
  • Hobbies
    • Football
    • Dancing
    • Swimming
    • Telling Jokes
    • Fictional Stories
    • Games
  • Daily Diary
    • What you have done today
    • Things you would like to do
    • Your Best Freinds
    • Favorite Toys
    • Movies you have seen
GIFs are key to writing a Viral Blog.

After you have figured what it is you will write about, it’s as easy as eating pizza, all you need to do is create a document with ‘Microsoft Word’ or any other word processing program. You can then add what ever you like, however you like. Finally send it to us over at BYITC – [email protected]. We plan to respond with a confirmation and a URL linking to your new blog post. If you want to see what blogs are made of click here. Or if you want to know how to make the coolest of blogs – blogs that will make you blog-famous then click here. So the more that we all use the blog, the more it would help to boost the confidence of everyone around us.

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