Article showing Abacus benefits

Recent research has shown Abacus benefits. The Pearson research team are working with the UCL Institute of Education to conduct a study into the impact Abacus is having in schools.

Confident and excited young mathematicians

More than 85% of the teachers using Abacus reported that children enjoyed doing maths; they love the interactive tools, the online activities and the Quick Maths activities, including the weekly Driving Tests (which help assess procedural fluency).

Best of all, the teachers felt that Abacus was enhancing both pupils’ confidence and their mathematical experiences. To me, this finding is particularly pleasing. I feel that now, more than ever, we have to stand up for what we believe is best about British education – namely that primary children are expected to enjoy school, and to be stimulated whilst learning. Hand in hand with this, goes the commitment to teaching for understanding, and not by rote, recognising that procedural fluency is a product of conceptual understanding.

Read the rest of the article detailing the benefits of Abacus here!

What Are The Kids Saying?

Most of the kids will tell you that the Abacus Maths For Kids Tutoring Glasgow course has had a positive impact on their education. Perhaps not in as many words; though a lot of the feedback we have received has been positive. From both students and parents. Abacus math is not an overnight solution to your Childs bad math skills. It takes time and energy; both parent and child need to put in the effort to improving their math skill. It is however, a quick and effective way to get to the top of your math class. With the time and effort put in, your child could be heading for straight A’s before the end of the year!

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