Our Primary Goal

The primary goal of Supermaths is to teach English as a first or second language while also making learning fun. This can be in the form of online or classroom learning with the same coursework regardless of method. Teaching children is so important to us because the better equipped a child is the farther ahead they will be when making their own way in the world. Key skills include mastery of vocal communication and writing so they can communicate effectively no matter where on Earth they end up. Having a firm handle of the English language is an important piece of the puzzle to lifelong success in the modern era. English is the recognised language of technology and business, for better or worse, which means it is vital that each individual has a solid command of it. Without it, being part of the global community and achieving everything in one’s career is a more difficult proposition.

Learning should be fun.

With all of that said, actually learning English can be a challenge to full grown adults nevermind children. Those of us of a certain vintage will remember the traditional experience of learning in a classroom. At Supermaths we remember clearly which is why we have tried to make learning fun. In combining interactive lessons, modern technology and fun activities we attempt to engage each and every student we teach.

Maximising Participation

Supermaths English Classes are designed to maximise participation. This is done in a number of ways including activities and modern technology. We understand that student participation leads to an improved learning experience because both teachers and student alike can exchange ideas and opinions. A common saying here is that learning is all about two brains being better than one. The more involved the student, the better the learning experience and results.


Please be aware that in our attempts to make learning fun, we have in no way compromised standards. Supermaths English classes are based on the Scottish curriculum. This means that our learning materials have been approved by the Scottish Government Department of Education. Supermaths is also SQA certified.

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