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Is your child experiencing maths phobia? Well, they are not alone! Most students fear mathematics. The complex arithmetic operations and difficult-to-remember formulas give rise to anxiety among the students. Therefore, parents and teachers look for ways to help children overcome maths phobia. One of the best ways is to introduce the abacus games learning approach. In this blog, you will know how game-based learning can help get rid of maths phobia. Let us discover!

Games Based Learning:

Changes the Perception of Children

Learning through textbooks and traditional classroom settings can be boring and tiresome. Additionally, many children believe that mathematics is complicated and consists of a lot of difficult formulas. However, enrolling your childrenin online abacus classes and introducing game-based learning can help in changing their perception.

These games simplify complex mathematical concepts and make them more understandable . It also increases student engagement and enables them to solve problems faster and more accurately. As a result, children start believing that mathematics is not that difficult and can be interesting too. It ultimately helps in getting rid of the maths phobia. Moreover, some children may even beginto enjoy the subject.

Lowers the Fear of Mistakes

A lot of students feel hesitant to take part in various mathematics-related activities due to their fear of making mistakes in front of their peers and feeling embarrassed. However, the abacus games learning approach can help in such situations.

The games enable learners to make mistakes without feeling bad about it and normalise the idea of failure. Moreover, it offers them numerous chances to learn from their errors and improve their understanding in the next attempt. As a result, it helps children overcome fear, builds a positive attitude, and enables them to become more confident.

Strengthens Math Skills

The game-based learning is more exciting compared to traditional worksheets and workbooks only. Certainly, it offers the learners with more practice opportunities. Ultimately, it helps in strengthening the maths skills of your children and enables them to overcome maths phobia. It booststheir confidence and allows them to perform better in the subject.

Develops a Love for Maths

The benefits of introducing abacus game-based learning are much more than you can imagine. Games are indeed engaging and fun for the students of all age groups. It helps in foster fostering excitement about the subject and can eventually build a love for maths. Your children will start to enjoy solving the complex as well as simpler mathematical problems and develop a liking for the maths subject.


The game-based learning approach can not only help in overcoming maths phobia but also work wonders for your child. It can strengthen their mathematical skills and improve their grades in the subject. Your children will start to enjoy the subject and spend more time solving mathematical problems. Now that you know the benefits, you would want to enrol your child in an online abacus class that leverages the game-based learning approach. Are you looking for a reputed abacus training institute? If yes, Supermaths Academy by BYITC is the right choice.

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